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Healthy Choices 2019 Wellness Workshops

  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Morning, Afternoon and Early Evening
  • Teachers/Staff and Corporate Employees
  • Popular Wellness Workshop Topics: Stress Management, Peak Performance, Healthy Living and Heart Healthy

Safety Solutions provides chiropractors with a marketing service that will help grow your practice


Sixteen years of experience in marketing research and corporate recruiting provides us with the expertise to market your services to members of your local community

Together we can develop a marketing plan that will allow us to recruit the kinds of organizations that will make your practice larger, more profitable, and more diverse

We will help you to achieve the following


Develop a relationship with those who live and work in your community by educating employees, their families and friends about the benefits offered by a chiropractic practitioner

Outside workshops allow you to create value for your patients so they will

Select the service of chiropractors over medical doctors

Select the holistic services of chiropractors over medications

Believe that chiropractors improve overall health

A properly executed workshop will

Convince patients that chiropractors can elevate their lives

Provide services to patients so they become advocates for chiropractic care

Safety Solutions combines the benefits of health marketing with marketing research

We find appropriate leads by

Using geo-coding to locate potential organizations within a limited geographic distance from your office

5 to 10 mile radios

Safety Solutions conducts post-workshop feedback among attendees

To give you and us a better idea of overall receptivity to your workshop

Our goal is the same as yours 

You want satisfied, loyal patients-We want satisfied, loyal clients

Personal service: we get to know you so we can better market you and your services

The quality of the workshop is directly correlated with success in growing your practice

We request 15 or more employees attend each workshop 

Group sizes normally range from 15 to 100 per individual group workshop 

An educated consumer is your best customer

An informative workshop providing useful, interesting information and will

Entice employees to visit your office

Convince companies to have you back

Lead to future recommendations

SSPA has the expertise to market your services in your local community.

Outside talks provide your practice the opportunity to grow and the opportunity to interact with employees in a friendly, non-threatening environment

We continue to have great success by growing Chiropractic offices.
Our targeted venue is Corporations, Schools and Health Care.

What We Do:
When a doctor signs on we automatically send out 250 to 500 mailers for that doctor to introduce us and you into your area.
Immediately following we start cold calling and usually land your first workshop or workshops within a month of signing, depending on the area it could be as soon as 2 weeks after we start.

We go in with the premise that works which is our doctors are doing this as a community service, there way of giving back to there community and it is a win-win in booking workshops


Give us a call to discuss how we can help you make a difference in your community today